Historically, most dogs were bred to do a job. Unfortunately most dogs these days live a life of leisure and are asked to do very little that engages their brain. A dog without a job will find much more devious ways to use their energy and excitement!  Obedience is a wonderful way to give your dog a job to do and make sure you are meeting their mental needs.

Basic obedience provides the groundwork to a wonderful working relationship with your dog. You will develop a better understanding of your dog, build their skills as well as their confidence.

Some of things we will cover in Basic Obedience:

  • Focus
  • Don’t take it unless you have permission.  Drop it when asked.
  • ‪Sit and Down
  • ‪Heel Command
  • Sit-Stay and Down-Stay
  • Come
  • ‪We will have time in class to address common training issues

You will be provided with a written package and class notes in advance of each session.

NOTE – The first session is without dogs to review proper equipment, what to expect, training techniques etc.

PLEASE NOTE –  All dogs must have proof of vaccination Rabies, Parvo/Distemper, Bordetella and Rabies.  

Rate- 6 sessions-$165

‪Maximum of 6 students per class