“It has been a pleasure working with Alison in training our adopted four-year-old border collie. She is dedicated, passionate and provides on-going support to meet you where you’re at with your training level. We love the energy and genuine nature that Alison brings to each session.”

Krystle, Dan and Silver


“We called Alison because our dog, Lucy, was was escalating from happy to aggressive during play with other dogs.  Alison helps our family (that includes Lucy!) understand what is going on and patiently works with us to make progress every week.  One thing I especially appreciate is Alison’s ability to communicate and relate with my girlfriend and I – that’s probably a result of her kind spirit and background in psychology.  We find training with Alison fun, bonding, and rewarding for the entire family!  I would recommend Alison Jackson to anyone looking to improve their dog’s behavior.”

Brad, Crystal and Lucy


“I have been working with Alison Jackson of “The Contented Dog” for the past month with my 5 month old Golden Retriever puppy Jake.  I have found Alison to be an excellent trainer, she takes all aspects of the dogs personality into consideration when training.  Alison’s consistent and gentle approach has worked wonders with Jake.  I would recommend Alison to anyone looking for a committed trainer who kindly brings about your expected results!”


Bonnie and Jake


“Alison is an amazing dog trainer! This is our first time owning a dog and she has given us invaluable tips and advice on how to be great pup parents. She makes training easy for us and fun for Cash! Thanks for all your hard work, Alison!”


Jess, Brandon and Cash