The Contented Dog believes that a trusting relationship, built on mutual respect, clear communication, consistency, and having fun together is the key to a happy dog and a happy owner. We use science based, positive, motivational methods to help you bring out the very best in your dog.  Food, toys, play, praise and real world rewards all play a part in our training and building that wonderful working relationship you want with your dog.

Whether you are looking for help with problem behaviours like jumping up, leash pulling, puppy biting, chewing, house soiling, barking or counter surfing, or are interested in obedience classes, puppy classes, behavioural help or relationship building we can help!


 Alison Jackson BA.Sc. Hons. , CPDT- Owner/Trainer

My love and interest in animals has been life long.  In recent years, a challenging new family dog took me in search of help with our issues.   This led to a career change, the pursuit of my original passion and my completion of training to become a Certified Professional Dog Trainer.

My diverse background incorporates the psychology of working with both pets and their owners which allows me to develop the right training strategy for each individual dog and family situation. My experience and training include:

  • Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT, PCTIA Certified)
  • BA Sc. Honours Degree in Family and Social Relations
  • Dogsafe First Aid Level 1 & 2 Certified
  • Member of the Canadian Association of Professional Pet Dog Trainers
  • Shelter Attendant at the Coquitlam Animal Shelter
  • Completion of many seminars, courses and workshops by highly respected trainers like Brenda Aloff, Dr. Ian Dunbar and Chirag Patel. Including completion of the Brenda Aloff Engaged Dog course and one week spent interning with Ms. Aloff at her training centre in Michigan.
  • Veterinary Assistant (In clinic trained) in both a small animal practice and a Standardbred race horse practice.
  • Pet Groomer

I look forward to continuing my learning experience both formally and with each new dog I work with, taking away with me the lessons they teach.